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Class Descriptions

Classes Vary in temperature and may include music

If you are new to yoga or just starting up again, contact us to discuss the best classes to suit your needs. Our classes are open to all levels and will vary in vigor depending on the style and teacher. Each style of yoga offers its own unique wisdom with a like-minded goal of bringing you balance and harmony. We encourage you to take different classes and find what works best for you!

Hot Hatha

This class consists of a series of 26 basic yoga postures practiced in a 103 degree room. It is open to all levels of practitioners and has no weight bearing poses on the wrists and shoulders, making it great for those who may hold injuries in these joints. Come rejuvenate yourself through the purification of this steamy class, and melt away the tensions of the body and soul!


Based on Joseph Pilates work founded over 70 years ago, this hour class is designed to work the abdominals, back, shoulders and hips. This is not a yoga class but instead a great body practice that compliments yoga. All classes are done on the mat at room temperature. Come enjoy this aerobic mix of core strengtheners!  This class is not heated.

Power Vinyasa

Similar to the other vinyasa classes, but heated to 95 degrees and, often, more vigorous. This class is most similar to Ashtanga and Baptiste yoga, and is favored by those seeking a quicker, more physical practice. Transform your body, mind, and soul through awareness of movement and breath, and open to the fullest potential of your inner strength and wisdom!

Core Flow

Core Flow is a Power Vinyasa style class that has a greater focus on core work. We will not only include extra abdominal work, but also move through the poses with more emphasis on utilizing those core muscles to better your practice.  The class is heated to about 90 degrees and welcome to all levels.

Hour of Power

These classes are the same as our Power Vinyasa classes, heated to 95 degrees, but all squeezed into a 60 minute class. Be ready to have fun and sweat with these powerful, fast paced classes!

Power Pump

Take your Power Vinyasa classes up a notch with this one! Class is heated to about 90 degrees and you have the option to use weights! Right now we have the 1lb pilates balls, but soon we will have some more options! Take your practice to the next level and have some fun too.


Heated to a gentle 85 degrees enjoy this class as you transition one breath at a time as you learn to synchronize movement of body with rhythm of breath. Based on the devotion and discovery of Sun Salutations, this continuously moving flow links posture and breath to mind-body awareness leaving you feeling revitalized, refreshed, and restored.

Weekend Warrior

Did the weekend leave you battered and bruised?  Need a mini-detox?  This steamy power vinyasa class will cleanse your pores and awaken your spirit, leaving you rejuvenated for the week ahead.  Sweat it out with an intense hour of asana practice, followed by a refreshing extended savasana.  Stop dreading Monday!  Grab your water bottle and become a Weekend Warrior.  Heated to 95 degrees.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga helps you connect with your changing body while preparing you for labor and birth.  It incorporates safe postures, meditation and breath-work and focuses on simultaneously strengthening and relaxing your body and mind.  This class is not heated.

Still not sure what class is for you? Have a specific question about a class? Email our yoga consultant.

*Class changes may happen on the first of the month. Please check our most current schedule by clicking on the link to 'Yoga Schedule'.